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World of Warcraft Should be considered a drug.


It all started with this guy I know; let's call him "Bob". You see, "Bob" was hooked on World of Warcraft though he always denied that. I did my best to resist temptation. After all World of Warcraft considered a drug in my mind and I try to stay away from harms way. I mean, after all, have there have been deaths from world of warcraft just like deaths from drugs all I can say is that is a bottomless pit of hell. You could think I am crazy and also be asking yourself. How dangerous could it be? Well put it this way WoW is life threatening. Hopefully "Bob" could cut his addiction.
WoW is a good game I can admit that…fine maybe I can’t, but you can’t blame me that is like saying you like drugs. But it brainwashes you, it ruins everything like a drug. My advice, get rid of the game it fudge's up society just as drugs do. Recently I sat through a drug education prevention class. What I learned was…well maybe nothing much but I found out that five things that you feel when taking drugs.:
1. On your mind: “Bob” GPA has dropped because of world of warcraft, plus once lunch comes WoW is all he talks about.
2. Mental/ physically addictive: Mentally obviously because it is stuck in peoples heads all day long. People even say they are addicted to this substance.
3. Sensation (out of this world): Never tried World of Warcraft but it seems to be a hit video game sensation.
4. Illegal: Not yet but sign this petition.
5. Makes you think wow: Coincidence, I think not.

Keep in mind that this game is corrupting the youth of tommorow. We must demolish this scourge that rids the planet. Kids have now been known to choose World of warcraft as their Jobs when they grow older. For example, you can pay real money for some virtual goods. This is a business that is now reaching a multi-million dollar business that is not going to go away any time soon. Same as with drugs. So we should fix that. Could I also mention that it has little impact to help the economy just as drugs have little impact to help the economy. Maybe World of Warcraft will not be banned soon or maybe ever so my advice is to. I propose a program to get people off world of warcraft, this program teaches kids with four simple rules, Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area, and tell a NON Adictted adult.

This has been a paid advertisement by the Save "Bob" (and about another 6,000,000 WoW subscribers alike) Foundation.

Sharing is Caring


First we should share some pictures with Sketch Swap. Here is some painting i swaped. Remmember draw 1 to get 1.


Next is file swap
On this web site you can get things like nature photos, photos of people, wallpapers, audio files, animated icons, videos or even pdf and text files.Just upload one of your files and see what you get!

Worlds smallest website


Worlds smallest website.
It has some good games.
Click here to see it if you can

Phosphor Beta 1


This is not a joke. It is a real online flash game. Play against bots and all that stuff. Though gets boring after a while.
Here to play

Game Portal


FFX Race Game


Just Race. Incredible recing game with the greatest graphics i have ever seen.
Pointless Audio Gives it a 8.5 out of 10
P.S. Does this game ever end
Click Here to play

Cannon Follies


It is based on the very loving yosemetie sam character. Shoot cannons balls into various barrels.
Pointless Audio Gives it 6 red balls out of 10
Click here to play

Feild Command
A tactical strategy war game. There are three installments but you can find the rest.
Pointless Audio Gives it a 7.5 out of 10
Click Here to Play

Road Block

This is for that person that is just kind of nerdy and wants to play a strategy game.
Pointless Audio Gives it 10 out of 10 for nerds!
Click Here Nerds
Another game like this (Dyson telescope game)



This game is completly useless. I still have no idea why people like the actuall game. I do not even get the point.

Pointless Audio Gives it 3 dogs out of 10
Click Here to play
Here are some cool pictures that I found.



This is a game for all those wanna be clowns. It is a mix between blaster-ball and juggling.By the way you need a good mouse, unfortunatly laptops are not a good plavce to play this.

Click Here to play

Pointless Audio gives it 6.5 juggles out of 10



This is a crazy addictive flash game that just never stops being fun.

Pointless Audio Gives it a 8 doge blocks out of 10

Space Worms


You can be the judge on this one.

Yeti Sport Olympics


If your have played any of the yeti sport olympic games you would think they are average. Now if we put them all into one game and put olypics after the name you will just get a long average game. That should be the case but, this game is kind of long but it has some Yeti games that I have never played. (Keep in mind that I have no life and take a seat infront of my xbox all day thinking that I am good) The level include Pingu throw, Orca Slap, Seal Bounce, Albatros Overload, and last but not least Flamino Drive.

Pointless Audio Gives it a 6.5 out of 10
Click Here To Play

Escape from Rhetundo Island

This is game has the most messed up controls that I have seen.

Pointless Audio Gives it a 5.5 out of 10

Mario Sunshine


What more is there to say about this game except that it is mario and it is sunshine.

Pointless Audio Gives it a 6.5 out of 10

Here to Play

Moto X


Moto X
Ultimate in motorcycle gaming experience. Tricks are limited but the ones in the game are great. Can't see myself playing this for a long time, maybe only 10 or 15 minutes and that it. Graphics not bad and hey the game is fun.

Pointless Audio Gives it a 5.5 out of 10
Click Here to Play

Alien Hominid
This game is easy to die in. I cant tell you more than that, because I did not get far. Extremely fun during the time I played it.

Pointless Audio gives it a 7.5 out of 10
Click Here to Play

Super Soldier
What an amiazing game. Just controls are very messed up. But this is another good game.

Pointless Audio gives it a 8 out of 10
Click Here to Play

To play more games like Alien Hominid and Super Soldier go here. I suggest Dan N' Me

Dog Show


Wow. This game is fun the first time then drops to plain boring, but you still must get a perfect score which is basically impossible. Unless You're Kim Possible, she can do anything, just call her beep her if you want to reach her, but it is great controls on the plus.

Pointless Audio Gives Dog Show 3 gold medals out of 10

Click here play (Clicking this might consider you crazy)

Falling Sand Game


Highly addictive Zen-Garden-like game where you control flow of sand, water, salt, and oil by drawing walls, plants, sprouts, cera (wax). I do not think this game has a point but I still play it. Above you that picture of random colors. Looks like it was made in paint. But remmember that it is quality not graphics.

Pointless Audio gives it a 8 out of 10
Click Here to play

Also here are a couple moded versions of the game.

Falling Sand Game Mod 1
Falling Sand Game Mod 2

Lota Games


Bike jumping game

P.A gives car jump a 5 out of 10

Captain our cruise liner

P.A. Gives this a 6 out of 10


P.A. Gives it a 5 out of 10

Beat The Meter

P.A. Gives it a 4.5 out of 10

Treasure Puzzle Game

P.A. gives it a 8.5 out of 10

Mouse Avoider 2

P.A. gives this a 8 out of 10

Stick Arena


If you're a fan of the competitive FPS genre then you're going to love this. The technology behind it must be mind-boggling. No long loading screens just click the quick start button and start kicking buts. An excellent game, made entirely out of flash. Very addicting. If you haven't tried it yet, do it now! I am pretty sure it is online multiplayer. How you win is just click to shot no jumping and the graphics are not the best. But that is not the problem. The problem is most definitely the maps. But creating an account is easier than saying. Sioweudlkxmklcaxdlcbvqpzmenciam! Yes it is that easy. Weapons are very diverse from a hammer to shot guns.

Pointless Audio Gives it 9 hammers out of 10

Click Here to Play

Want to create matches post in my forum

The Perfect Mix


Well, where to start this game is a excellent game. It is just soooo creative. The object of the game is a Flash game that would allow their guests to mix the 'perfect' cocktail. The best scores come from trying to make a perfect Cosmopolitan, but also enter a competition to win a case of Champagne. The controls are simple and limited, and graphics are good 2d graphics. The characters A.I. is not the best and the face gestures are repetitive. To get adicted on this game you only need to play it twice.

Pointless Audio gives it 3.5 cocktails out of 5

Click Here to PLay

Having rouble thinking of a drink then try the mixilator.

Frosty Flips


If you can not tell by the screenshot, this is an easy game. It is Santa Claus snowboarding. The graphics are the best 2d graphics I have seen, and the controls are just better. The game is easy to learn but incredibly hard to master. Levels are easy to pass. That means if you can not pass the first level then just stop playing video games.

Pointless Audio Gives it 9 snowboarding santas out of 10

Click here to Play

060 xobx


Well this game is a game or a puzzle or something else with rewards. Just 10 levels, you can win 3 prizes in the whole entire game. The game is the most difficult game or puzzle I have ever played. Only got one o the prize and it is a exclusive xbox 360 countdown clock. Not only for the 360 but you can use it to countdown until your birthday which is when you will get the 360. The game has many unique levels that have no directions. So you are left alone with no guidelines to get the 3 prizes. This means go to my forums. Another addicting game, but only util you beat it, which I do not think anyone knows how to.

Pointless Audio Gives it 3 prizes out of 5

Click Here to Play

Avoider/ Jumping Freak


Here is a game were it should be called avoider and Jumping freak. Though the game is in japanese or something like that, anyways I mean that I can't read, well I cant read english either so I do not mind. Which also means that a logical name for it could be Jumping Freak. This is an extremly adictive game, warning to all those that play it. Not the best graphics but neither are some of the best online play. The controls... well it is just avoid your cursor from the jumping freak. He takes it and the it is gone for a second or two on the whole entire screen.

Pointless Audio Gives this game 8.8 Jumping Freaks out of 10
Click Here to Play

Drift Game


Here is a game that you can free upgrades. You are not racing against anyone but you are racing against the clock. The world you can say. There a many different types of cars. Great sponserships. You can create your own league and challenge other friends. The graphics are 2d but is fit with the gameplay. The controls are very sensitive. I know that drifting games have sensitive controls but these are just bad, but easy and simple.

Pointless Audio gives it 8 1/2 cars out of 10

Click Here To Play

Flash Games


Games for all ages. Yes even senors.
Gun Run

Ant Kendo


You have most probably herd of Kendo, but have you herd of ant kendo.

Team Ball


If you have not noticed by the title it is a team game. So if you do not have a "partner" or a family member to play with then you basically waisted your time coming to this site today. Anyways... lets get back to the game. The controls are a little tooooooo sensitive but, I think that is how it is and makes for a better game. When you play it just think how the game would be if it was very stiff controls... just think about it. The games graphics are only dots and lines. Though the graphics are not the best and winning is only possible if both teammates work together. But when I tried with in a team we just started pounding eachother in the head. When I played by myself I basically lost. Controls are very basic.

Pointless Audio gives it 3 dots out of 5

Click Here to play

Shoot' Em In


Just for all the people who were wanting to see a action game this is is not an action game. What kind of game is it, well it is a soccer game. Well not exactly, it is only about a penalty kick. Great controls, maybe the best I have seen for a soccer game. On my top 10 list for the smothest gameplay ever. For all soccer fans this is the game to play. Though you can not be a goaly and the graphics are more funny than bad or actually quite good.

I give this game 8 1/2 soccerballs out of 10

Cick here to play

mahoggany's space ship


Let me start about telling you about the gameplay. BORING!!! All you do is go around clicking on objects, balencing all the items out. Some of the items you must maintain are listed below. With both terrible gameplay and graphics and just barley satifactory controls you can guess what this game will get. The only reason I give it that score is because of meef the bird.

I give it 2 meef the birds out of 10

(Sorry guys about the bad game but it is really hard to find some superd games like the last one.)

I do not know why you would like to play this game but if you do click here

The Way of the Ninja


I have gotten email that I am being to easy on many games. Now I will turn brutally honest on the games score. This game above has one the best controls I have ever seen. A very fast game but also many levels... I mean the game just goes on and on and on. The above pictuture looks like a bad graphic engine but do not be mistaken is is a great game. Remeber I have now decided to be very strict.

I give it 8 jumping ninjas out of 10

Click here to play

Duck Hunt


I will try to be honest on this game, mainly because that it is a Super Nintendo game and graphics wise I kinds sucks. Though not many games for the Super Nintendo are found on the internet. If you would ask me I would rather play it on the Super Nintendo, but my Super Nintendo takes a couple of trys to make it turn on so for know I will play this.

I give it 9 ducks out of 10
P.S. the actuall game is great and the atempt to put it on the internet gave it the high score

Click Here to Play

Zorro Tank


With excellent gameplay, brillian controls and great enemies the game Zorro Tank is a good online game. Though the difficulty of the game is very hard (maybe the hardest I know of) if you are inexperiened. Give it maybe an three hours before you can call yourself an expert.

Zorro Tank gets a 7 1/2 out of 10

Click Here To Play



Solve google map puzzles. Get points. A google maps scavendger hunt.

Smarkets is a game that allows you to buy and sell share in products on Amazon. Buy shares in a stock (product) and the higher its rank on Amazon, the more money you can make.

Warcraft Reloded


I do not like world of warcraft but these are just cool website made by fans
Warcraft Reloded Game

Flying Spaghetti




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