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World of Warcraft Should be considered a drug.

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It all started with this guy I know; let's call him "Bob". You see, "Bob" was hooked on World of Warcraft though he always denied that. I did my best to resist temptation. After all World of Warcraft considered a drug in my mind and I try to stay away from harms way. I mean, after all, have there have been deaths from world of warcraft just like deaths from drugs all I can say is that is a bottomless pit of hell. You could think I am crazy and also be asking yourself. How dangerous could it be? Well put it this way WoW is life threatening. Hopefully "Bob" could cut his addiction.
WoW is a good game I can admit that…fine maybe I can’t, but you can’t blame me that is like saying you like drugs. But it brainwashes you, it ruins everything like a drug. My advice, get rid of the game it fudge's up society just as drugs do. Recently I sat through a drug education prevention class. What I learned was…well maybe nothing much but I found out that five things that you feel when taking drugs.:
1. On your mind: “Bob” GPA has dropped because of world of warcraft, plus once lunch comes WoW is all he talks about.
2. Mental/ physically addictive: Mentally obviously because it is stuck in peoples heads all day long. People even say they are addicted to this substance.
3. Sensation (out of this world): Never tried World of Warcraft but it seems to be a hit video game sensation.
4. Illegal: Not yet but sign this petition.
5. Makes you think wow: Coincidence, I think not.

Keep in mind that this game is corrupting the youth of tommorow. We must demolish this scourge that rids the planet. Kids have now been known to choose World of warcraft as their Jobs when they grow older. For example, you can pay real money for some virtual goods. This is a business that is now reaching a multi-million dollar business that is not going to go away any time soon. Same as with drugs. So we should fix that. Could I also mention that it has little impact to help the economy just as drugs have little impact to help the economy. Maybe World of Warcraft will not be banned soon or maybe ever so my advice is to. I propose a program to get people off world of warcraft, this program teaches kids with four simple rules, Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area, and tell a NON Adictted adult.

This has been a paid advertisement by the Save "Bob" (and about another 6,000,000 WoW subscribers alike) Foundation.

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